Why Digital Marketing Is The Strategic Life Raft You Need To Navigate COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually every aspect of life, and marketing is no different. Businesses are now forced to adopt new marketing methods to survive.

As the Novel COVID-19 pandemic has spent the greater part of this year on a worldwide tour, the after-effects forcing us to adapt and learn new ways of living. In this scenario, companies that can survive this challenging environment are the ones who have already begun to pivot to the digital marketplace. But just having a functional website and e-commerce presence doesn’t help in the long run; it is only half the battle. Getting customers to those product pages is equally important. Whether big or small, every entity can experiment with new digital marketing avenues like paid ads, reduce online ad spending, CPM rates, PPC, and more.

But here are some different ways that the COVID-19 crisis has made it abundantly clear that companies will most definitely need a digital marketer in their lifeboats in order to survive.

1. When All Eyes Are On Digital, You Need an Expert in Your Corner

The first thing to fall off the map during a pandemic like COVID 19 is traditional print media. Why? Because if the average citizen is “forced” to self-quarantine at home, their ears and eyes are also quarantined – and unfortunately, your ad spend only goes as far as their eyeballs. 

Even Before WFH, Average Adult Spends 11-12 Hours in Front of a Screen Daily 📱. Whether we like it or not, the average adult spends most of their waking hours in front of screens.

Social Media Usage Soars Amid COVID-19 Crisis. In the last 2 weeks alone, one study of an influencer agency found a 76% increase in daily likes on Instagram #ad posts.

With a stay-at-home quarantine, everyone is bound to spend an inordinate amount of time on social media.

This means that once the panic buying subsides, e-commerce will tick upwards – especially because consumers still can’t frequent their normal brick & mortar establishments. 

But it’s not too late: if you’re not already in the game, the time is now. 

2. When Crisis Strikes, Digital Marketers Can React Swiftly & Tactfully

The third thing COVID-19 has made apparent is the importance of having adaptable marketing strategies.

Not only do digital specialists have the resources to scale their campaigns from the comfort of their laptops or smart devices (#wfh), but they can also do so immediately.

This is the competitive advantage you need when dealing with unpredictable economic circumstances. Your campaigns NEED to be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

Digital Marketers Have Come Prepared With a Bunker Full of Skills 👨‍💻

And while many businesses, schools, and other institutions are just now making the shift to online platforms and ad campaigns, digital marketers have been waist-deep in the tech ad space for years

They know how to think on their toes when a crisis strikes.

Not only that, but they’re always preparing for a storm by investing in valuable organic real estate (search engine rankings). While best practice dictates having a mix of paid advertising and SEO, solid SEO strategies are imperative in order to maintain high organic visibility during budget shortages.

3. When Brick & Mortar Clings On For Dear Life, You Need Digital On Your Side

let’s look at the obvious: COVID-19 has solidified the impractical nature of brick & mortar establishments in our current economy.

Pandemic or Not: E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Are the Future 

No one could have fathomed a bottleneck in Amazon as a result of COVID-19. But even though delivery time quickly slipped from 2 days to up to a month for prime customers, consumers didn’t abandon Amazon.  It’s become a staple in our consumption habits. Consumers are willing to take the hit because of their brand loyalty, and frankly, their lack of options.

Time to Tighten Up Your Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing during COVID-19 is not just a safety net, it is the way of the future. 

Is your company planning on tightening up its digital marketing funnel (or creating one for the first time)? 

Learn how to pick the right digital marketing agency so you can start building timely digital marketing funnels tailored to YOUR business. No matter how you do it, allow digital marketing to pull you out of COVID-19 thriving and prepared to take on any global crisis. 


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